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The concept behind Kandu, the educational and entertainment miniature city, is to provide tons of fun with an educational experience for kids and their families. When the Miami-based DreamComeTruers, and their local partners in Colombia decided to open the world´s first Kandú in Bogotá, they were very selective in their choice of company to help them build it, and to keep a delicate balance between durability and safety, the highest standards in quality, and a solid control over budget.

Located on the fourth floor of a mall, Kandú has more than 27,000sq. ft. to house all the venues and service areas. For six months we worked closely with many other teams, from construction workers to a/c technicians, electricians, floor specialists, sound and light professionals, kitchen builders and many others, while we took care approximately 90% of the sets´ construction and furniture, and the installation of other pieces as clouds and balustrades.

Not only did the park open on time and has been running successfully and safely since, but also we are very pleased that Kandú has chosen us to work with them again in the construction and installation of their second park in the city of Medellín.