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Since 1956, Ripley Corp. is one of the main retail names in Chile, Peru and, now, in Colombia. When they started operations in Bogota in 2013, they made a big entrance: 3 stores in a four month period. It takes more than one contractor to supply all the displays, elements and furniture required.  In addition, it demands a perfect coordination with all the other providers, so that there will be no difference between materials, colors and finishes.
Not only we know how to team with our clients in developing demanding projects like this. We can also work together with other companies, always aiming to a successful completion of the project.
Metal work, wood, plastic, paint, laminate, glass, printing, lighting, every material and process was required to fabricate hundreds of floor displays, wall racks, fitting rooms, showcases, check points, counters and signs. Everything with the first-class quality required, everything delivered on time.