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Looking at the images of this project, it may seem like the production of the displays and racks will only take a few days, and it did, but 45 days were barely enough to transform three thousand square feet of empty commercial space at the newly constructed Titan Plaza mall, in Bogotá, into an appealing store for Adidas.
Starting from scratch, the architectural department of Diper worked on flooring, ceilings, lighting, walls, AC and electrical, façade, doors and signage, while the shop took care of displays, showcases,  check points, changing rooms, storage area, office furniture, kitchen and technical room.
To provide your customers with a satisfactory retail experience takes more than a well-planned design. You want to rely on a company that really knows how to turn your vision into reality. You want a job well done, in time, and within budget.
We are here for you.